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Rock Art

Prehistoric legacy
As they pass through Sierra de Guara, the headwaters of the River Vero conceal an extraordinary legacy. More than sixty small caves have been discovered with rock art, making this place a genuine museum where the three classical styles of European rock art – Palaeolithic, Levantine Spanish and Schematic – can be admired. Among these, the cave of La Fuente del Trucho is the only Aragonese cave with Palaeolithic cave paintings.
UNESCO declared this network of caves a World Heritage site in 1998 as part of the Rock Art of the Iberian Mediterranean Basin. This became the impetus behind the subsequent creation of the Río Vero Cultural Park.
Most of these manifestations are cave paintings, although a number of Palaeolithic and schematic carvings have also been found.
The area is also characterised by a number of megalithic structures used as tombs, such as the Losa Mora Dolmen.
Sierra de Guara is history, landscape and culture.