Accesible activities

The Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park was the first nature’s protected area to grant awareness to the importance of accessibility. Its work was recognized in the 2011 Universal Accessibility Awards organized by the Aragon Physically Disable Foundation and later, in 2012, the European Union awarded them the EDEN award in the Sixth edition of the European Destinations of Excellence Project.



The Sierra y los Cañones de Guara, received in 2012 the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) award, a European award which recognizes accessibility. The Sierra de Guara area has been recognized for the successful implementation of a plan, with which to offer sustainable and accessible tourism activities, observation points, nature interpretation centers, trails and bird observatories, so that everyone can enjoy the park’s impressive landscapes and exuberant nature.

Vitis 4All is a French initiative that unites the wine regions of France and the Somontano (Huesca, Spain) and aims to bring wine tourism closer to people with special needs, making landscapes and the heritage of wine truly integrating elements, expanding the possibilities to achieve real equality.

The Somontano de Barbastro Region, with the Somontano Wine Route and Iter Vitis France, open the doors of their territories to people with functional diversity.