At a time  when the Slow Food Movement and the KM.O products are gaining special importance, the Sierra de Guara cannot do more than claim its outstanding products and its producers.

Giving value to “the table” of the Sierra de Guara is an easy task for all visitors who taste the typical products freshly picked right from the orchards and ellaborated with traditional recipes.

The palate will be able to take a stroll of gastronomic lust by tasting a great variety of goat and sheep cheeses illustrative of the place and they might be paired with artisan jams.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (D. O. somontano) shines like liquid gold on any table, as a result of the history of the area’s centenary olive trees. You will not be able to leave without tasting the local olive varieties, such as the NEGRAL, VERDEÑA and ALQUECERANA.

The region’s cold cuts and meats speak of history and traditional recipes. In the past, the slaughter of the pig or the lamb was the region’s grandparents way of subsistence. Up to this day, it is the result of the most popular products of the place, such as the longaniza, the chireta, the torteta or the marinated salmorejo and Ternasco-lamb.

Although there is no sea in the Sierra de Guara, the gastronomic offer is not impoverished for that reason. Thanks to the local rivers there is a native wild trout that allows to prepare delicious dishes.

And as a good gastronomic culture, the region’s desserts and sweets put the icing on the cake to this very special menu.

Guirlache, pumpkin pastillo, the tender mostillo-cake with cream and nuts, roasted or caramelised almonds, the Alquézar’s dobladillo-hem…, made according to the recipes from the area grandmothers, which, from yesterday up to this day, are still made in a traditional way in the ovens. This provides us with a unique identity and the telling of our story.

In life everything tastes better if accompanied by a good drink. Thanks to the D. O. Somontano, the Sierra de Guara has 32 wineries with more than 100 wines to offer, perfect for pairing your stay in this amazing region.

As a culmination of this appetizing summary, both the craft beer and the brandy, cannot be forgotten, all of it made on the slopes of the Sierra de Guara.

The Association has participated with different gastronomic conferences in the town of Barbastro, and in the quaint villages of Alquézar, Bierge and Colungo.

In 2018, the Somontano Region was designated as the Aragon’s Territory of Gastronomic Interest, for the following reasons:

– Due to the importance of agri-food production in the territory, endorsed by several quality brands.

– Due to the existence of an interesting gastronomic culture ellaborated with genuine products.

– For the presence of a large number and diverse agri-food companies.

– Due to the existence of a substantial, dynamic and specialized catering offer.

– For an intense calendar of events related to gastronomy that take place in the Somontano’s Region all throughout the year.