Between the abandoned villages of Otín and Nasarre, near Rodellar and heading to the well-known Barranco de Mascún we will arrive to  the great prehistoric stone that is the Dolmen of the Mora Slab. Observing its size and its solitary location in the landscape it is easy to understand that the people of the place imagined fantasies to explain how such a mole could appear in that enclave.
The remote legend that says that a spinner with his spinning wheel and a large stone passed over the head, and that when he arrived at the place where the dolmen is, he left the stone horizontally on two others that were stuck there on the floor. To understand this legend one must know that the figure of a spinner is a kind of fairy in the remote mythologies, which represents life and death, since while she spins with her spinning wheel she is alive, but when the string ends she he dies, and in that case he leaves the stone he carries loaded on his head to make his own grave.