Treasure the most important within the pictorial set of the Vero, and with  great relevance in the Levantine Art. Highlights the large central panel, painted in red, which represents a possible and spectacular scene of capture of a living deer, held by four individuals by horns and legs, along with another figure provided with a noose. Around this scene, other 32 characters, in varied positions and attitudes, seem to attend the capture. On the left, five human figures, a sign and a doe.
In the vicinity of the town of Asque and in front of the ravine to the town of Alquézar, is this shelter with Levantine rock paintings. The large covacho, once used as a cattle pen, houses Levantine and schematic paintings in black and red. In the central area there is a set of Levantine caprids, highlighting a running goat, spots and signs. On the right there are several spots, schematic quadruped, repainted deer, schematic anthropomorphic and fingerings. The set is completed with anthropomorphs, signs and schematic bars