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Adress: Pol. Valle del Cinca, Calle C, Parcela 53, Nave 2. Barbastro
Phone:974269994 • 686178400
Email: info@binomiovinos.com
Web: www.binomiovinos.com

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“Artisan producers of wines, vermoths, sangrias and gins.”

After many laps here and there … after seeing, knowing and experiencing, BINOMIO was born. We have a research spirit, we are thirsty for curiosity and we have the expe rience and illusion necessary to undertake each new project. We create, develop and assemble. We are creative, decisive and dynamic … and we constantly seek satisfaction Cabecita Loca Vermouth, BEST VERMOUTH at the INTERNATIONAL WINE CHALLENGE 2019 Cabecita Loca Sangría, GOLD MEDAL at CONVINO 2018 Cabecita Loca Vermouth, Huesca Alimentaria Award to the BEST PRODUCT 2019 Company Awarded in 2017 with the GERMAN FOIX Recognition by BARBASTRO CITY COUNCIL in the ENTREPRENEURS category. for the commitment to innovation within one of the main sectors of industrial development in the region. Company Finalist of the III PROGRAM OF AGRICULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP OF ARAGÓN