(Español) Arte Rupestre Paleolótico

Paleolithic rock art belongs to the most remote artistic manifestations of Humanity. They were executed by groups of hunters and gatherers. His pictorial representations are usually located inside deep caves, where darkness accentuates his magical and enigmatic sense.


Schematic Rock Art

The schematic rock art covers from the Neolithic to the Age of Metals and was the work of peoples who already knew agriculture and livestock.


Dolmen de la Losa Mora

Between the abandoned villages of Otín and Nasarre, near Rodellar and heading to the well-known Barranco de Mascún we will arrive to contemplate the great prehistoric stone that is the Dolmen of the Mora Slab.


Art Rupestre Levantino

Levantine rock art is the expression of the culture and thinking of hunters and gatherers of wild fruits who lived in this mountain range during the post-Paleolithic period until the arrival of agriculture and the domestication of animals in the Neolithic.

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