Type of rock: Walls of reddish limestone very vertical or collapsed where the long, explosive steps and continuity predominate.

Difficulty: The seventh grade tracks predominate and there are as many eighths as there are sixths. There are few initiation pathways (5th grade)

How to get: Cross the village to the lookout under the collegiate church. From there a path begins. The tracks are along the descent towards the river. Also we will find routes in the ravine of the source that descends to the river and in the Rock well-known like Castibián, sector of initiation, located under the hill of San Lucas.

Data sheet
Type of rock: limestone
Average height: 30 m.
Maximum height 60 m
Nomber. of tracks: 100
Routes up to V: 0%
Routes of V + – 6 c: 25%
Routes of 7 a – 7 c: 65
Track eighth: 10%


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