Barranco de la Pillera – Nocito



1- Nocito
2- Barranco de la Pillera
3- Barranco de la Pillera
4- Can de Used
5- Used
6- Bentué de Nocito
7- San Úrbez
8- Nocito

1-The tour begins in Nocito, a beautiful town on the north face of Guara. Once in Nocito we will look for the Guatizalema River and we will walk parallel to it, in descending direction along a well marked track.

2 – On the left you will see the Barranco de la Pillera, it is time to turn in that direction and start to climb the ravine. We will have to ford the stream several times, but it is not difficult given the size of the stream. 3 – We will go through different badinas, but we just have to be attentive to the last one. We will know what it is about to have a beautiful waterfall. We will continue straight for a dry ravine that ascends little by little. There will come a time when this ravine divides in two, then we will take the one on the left.

4 – We will go under two peaks one on each side. When we overcome the one on our right, the path will turn to overcome it without having to ascend to it. Shortly after we will arrive at the hermitage of Can de Used (ruins).

5 – Following the same path, we will reach a path, we will turn left. From this point we already have a visual reference of Used, we only need to reach the town and go up to its highest part.

6 – There we will find a path that goes parallel to the track and that unites the whole valley, we will take it in the east direction (Bentué de Nocito).

7 – We will pass by Bentué de Nocito and without leaving the path we will continue along it in the same direction until we reach San Úrbez.

8 – This path will also take us back to Nocito. On the descent we will have to cross the track and continue along the path until we reach the village.


History and culture

Nothing has to do with the southern face of the Sierra, with the north, that of the Tozal de Guara. Here the stones, the cut walls, the calcareous crests, the leafy vegetation, the humidity and the snow until well into the spring, will make us confuse this area, with a beautiful and idyllic Pyrenean valley. The Nocito Valley has been inhabited since prehistory; Dolmens such as Ibirque or El Palomar bear witness to this Neolithic past. The necropolis excavated in the “Corral del Santero” of Roman origin, the Romanesque churches, the medieval bridges, the infanzones houses and the manors of later centuries, are a proof of the passage of man in different moments of history in these lands. Many towns in the northern zone came to be abandoned in the middle of the last century. In recent years the efforts of small entrepreneurs, former neighbors and descendants of these, is achieving the resurgence of these people and in turn this beautiful and enigmatic valley. In terms of religious architecture, the San Úrbez sanctuary, from the 17th century to the 18th century, built on the remains of an ancient Romanesque church from the 12th century is of special importance. San Úrbez is a sanctuary of great popularity in the area; Numerous are the towns that celebrate their pilgrimages here. Other architectural monuments are the church of Nocito, from the 18th century, dedicated to San Juan Bautista, the Bentué de Nocito from the 12th century and remodeled in the 17th century, the typical Serrablesas de Used houses, with impressive hearths and cadieras and the hermitage abandoned Can of Used origin The Barranco de la Pillera also provides us with interesting surprises: crystalline gorgas and waterfalls, such as those of Estañonero and Raballatán, and springs and fountains such as the King and the Spatula. Bojes and hollyes are mixed with large areas of black pine, where arrival the appropriate season, mushrooms of various species, delight more than one

Data sheet

Name of the route: Barranco de la Pillera

Location: Alto Gállego / Hoya de Huesca

Conditions: All year. Snowless

Difficulty assessment (M.I.D.E): M: 4. I: 3. D: 2 E: 3.

Length: 16Km

Slope: +310 -310

Type of route: Circular


Combination with car: No


Mapa y localización

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