This route connecting Colungo with one of the most important towns in the Somontano de Barbastro area, Naval, has very steep stretches, both uphill and downhill.

Naval is famous for its salt pans and historic potteries. The ponds continue to produce salt and the potteries continue to elaborate craft ceramics. Traditional cookware makes a great souvenir of the Somontano de Barbastro area, but it might be a little tricky carrying it on your bike. In any case, wandering around the streets of Naval and visiting its buildings comes highly recommended.
The route begins by entering the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park. Riding through these mountains always means making a great effort owing to the steep slopes. In this case, the climb to Cunarda and Camporroyo is long and difficult, although you will have the satisfaction of the descent to Suelves and Naval, aside from a detour that will take you to Bárcabo.

After leaving Naval, the route rises to the Sierra de Salinas range.
The slope has an average gradient of 11%, with ramps that greatly exceed this and which will mean you have to travel part of the route on foot. The track is in good condition in its first stretch. Later, after a rest area, it becomes rather rough, increasing its difficulty. After reaching the first hilltop, there are a few kilometres of flat before starting the descent to the Ramillar Ravine.
This descent is very steep, so you will need to pay special attention because the track tends to be in bad condition and overgrown by the pine and holm oak trees.
This route is physically very demanding and requires good technique, but it is highly recommendable as it takes you to incomparable vantage points that allow you to contemplate the beauty of the area. It is important to take plentiful supplies of water in summer and to avoid the Ramillar Ravine during the hunting season.


Km 0.00. Altitude: 606 m. Colungo
The route begins at the entrance to the village. Take the road in the direction of Bárcabo.

Km 0.98. Altitude: 628 m.
Cross the bridge over Los Pilones Ravine and turn right onto a track that rises gradually.

Km 3.00. Altitude: 837 m.
Another track runs off to the right. Continue along the left track uphill. The climb becomes more difficult.

Km 4.90. Altitude: 915 m.
You reach a firebreak that divides a planted pine forest. The road follows it round. Turn right. The track continues to climb but more gently now.

Km 8.65. Altitude: 1,005 m.
The path divides next to a sign. Turn right. The route is flat for a short while, followed by a steep descent. Take special care as there are loose stones and small drainage channels.

Km 11.40. Altitude: 790 m. Suelves
Enter the village from the upper part. Cross it and continue downhill. The historic area of the village is on the left. Follow the main track.

Km 16.89.
A cross indicates that you are entering Naval. Take the turning to the right that leads directly to…

Km 17.49. Altitude: 631 m. Naval
The main square. Take the street immediately to the right of the bakery. There is a steep descent to…

Km 17.91. Altitude: 600 m. River Llastre
Cross over. Here the way climbs steeply with a gradient of up to 20% in the first 800 metres. Take no notice of the paths leading off to private properties. Keep to the main track.

Km 20.31. Altitude: 862 m.
Have a rest at the top and regain your strength. Then go straight on. The way flattens out.

Km 20.51.
Turn left. The track climbs again and becomes rough for this stretch.

Km 21.11. Altitude: 860 m.
Two tracks join on the right. Continue straight ahead.

Km 21.41. Altitude: 845 m.
Leave the main track this time and take the path to the right. It descends through a beautiful landscape of pines, junipers and holm oaks.

Km 24.63. Altitude: 620 m.
Cross the Casetas Ravine and continue along the flat before descending to where this ravine joins the…

Km 25.94. Altitude: 600 m.
Ramillar Ravine
A small bridge takes you across. The track that climbs is in good condition.

Km 27.61. Altitude: 645 m.
Crossing. Keep straight on, downhill to…

Km 28.36. Altitude: 606 m.


28.36 km
2.5-3.5 hours
710 m
249 – 250.




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