Entre Pantanos – La Tejería



1- Pantano de Calcón

2- La Tejería (Parking)

3- Pista

4- Virgen de Fabana

5- San Gregorio

6- Fuensanta

7- San Úrbez

8- San Cosme y San Damián


1 – Before arriving and leaving our vehicle, we can get closer to the Calcón reservoir. It is visible from the road. When arriving at the houses of the Hydrographic Confederation we have to turn right.

2 – We can use the parking of these houses or take the path on the left until we reach a large stone and adobe house that will appear on our right, La Tejería, this is where this route begins.

3 – We will continue by  foot along the track and we will not pay attention to the detours we find, we just have to follow the biggest and most obvious road. (Signposted)

4 – At the top of a small hill, we can see the Vadiello reservoir and most of the hermitages that we will find. The first in full curve, is dedicated to the Virgin of the Fabana. 5 – Shortly after, in another curve, we find the hermitage of San Gregorio 6 – Following the path the ermitage of the Fuen Santa appears among vegetation. This is a good place to eat something and taste the benefits of it water

7 – San Úrbez is our next stop.

8 – This is where the road ends, where we will find this magnificent rock sanctuary. The return is by the same way, but if you want you want some more, you can  returning by a  path to the left (signposted) lead us to the Egg of San Cosme, a surprising monolith sculpted by erosion that is worth observing.

History and  Culture

Bathed by the sunlight and soaring up  between the  Calcón and Vadiello reservoirs , are some large mounds of conglomerate, which in the sunrises and sunsets are dyed an intense orange color. Under these majestic walls and taking advantage of the rock, stands the monastery of San Cosme and San Damián.

Leaving the pine forest, the road plunges to the bottom of the ravine, in an intermittent trickle of hermitages and fountains until it empties into the monastery. Between the song of jilgueros, finches, scribes and cheats shepherds, we will find a series of hermitages, many of them in ruins. The hermitage of the Virgen de la Fabana, San Gregorio, the Fountain of the Holy Fountain and San Úrbez open the way to the architectural ensemble of San Cosme and San Damián. It is a hermitage-monastery of great devotion in the area, with various pilgrimages from nearby towns. In 1396 it already counted on a brotherhood of devotees with soothes in Huesca.

The property of the sanctuary belongs to the lineage of the Azlor, (Dukes of Villahermosa and Condes de Guara) from which the clergy subsequently took charge. It has a hostel for pilgrims, a house for the Counts, a central plaza with a cross and several springs in its surroundings

Technical sheet

Name of the road : Entre Pantanos
Location: Hoya de Huesca

Conditions: All year. Snowless

Difficulty (M.I.D.E): M: 2. I: 1. D:1. E:2
Distance: 3,3 Km
Slope: +80 -200
BTT: 100% ciclable
Bus: No


Localización y Mapa

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