Natural II – Las Almunias de Rodellar – Salto de Bierge



1- Las Almunias

2- Pedruel

3- San Martín

4- Huevo de Morrano

5- Fuente de Tamara

6- El Puntillo

7- Salto de Bierge


1 -This is the continuation of the route that takes us from Radiquero to Las Almunias de Rodellar. Starting from the Almunias, we will take the asphalted track that leads to Pedruel. The start of this track is taken next to the cheese factory and the lodge.

2 – After passing through the flooded ford that crosses the Alcanadre River, we will go up to the town either by the path that is steeper, or by following the track. (From Pedruel to Bierge this route is signposted)

3 – From the lower part of the church, where the door is, there is a path where, a little further on, we will find a barrier. We will take this road that will go for a long time parallel to the river until we reach a junction. Here we will take the fork on the left.

4 – This will lead us near the hermitage of San Martín del Alcanadre. Continuing through it another crossing will appear and we will turn left again. We will pass under the Egg of Morrano (geological formation) and a small cut that will be on our right.

5 – The track, a little damaged, becomes a path. We will be attentive to a crossing, we will take the path on the left that descends towards the source and Tamara straits.

6 – We will cross the river where we can best and here we will look for a path that ascends. Just take it, we will take a path that goes to the right, ignoring the other path that goes parallel to the river by its bed.

7 – From the top of this hill we will pass near the source and narrows of the Puntillo, being able to go down to see them. Continuing along the path, already in its final part, we will reach a track and from here to the Bierg jumpe.


History and culture

The excursion that we propose, is part of a wide project, that tries to unite several paths and thus turn the route into a GR that runs along the whole length of the mountain. In the small town of Las Almunias de Rodellar we will find a great variety of popular architecture, conical chimneys, beautiful wooden doors with protective amulets, coats of arms, a popular church and a flour mill that has not been used yet, but which retains its essence. The town of Pedruel, unique on the right bank of the valley, represents the essence of the ancient villages of the area. All new construction has to be in accordance with the old elements, thus maintaining all its beauty. Stone walls, large chimneys, cobbled streets and houses, constitute an almost medieval urban center. Between limestones and conglomerates we will descend parallel to the Alcanadre river, by its orographic right and at the height of the Tamara Fountain, where we will find some beautiful springs, we will cross the river. We will arrive at the Salto de Bierge on its left bank between montebajo and fields of labor. Throughout the journey the views over the river are spectacular, as spectacular are the large vertical limestone walls in the Fornazos area and the unique “Huevo de Morrano”, where erosion on the conglomerate sculpted this curious rock formation. It is easy to see a large number of different birds of prey in this area, bearded vultures, Egyptian vultures, griffon vultures and some golden eagles will accompany us on the first stretch.When we pass the Tamara Fountain, sparrowhawks, goshawks, kites, golden eagles and ash will be on the lookout for small mammals, reptiles and birds, from their watchtowers or from the air.

Data sheet

Name of the route: Natural II

Location: Somontano

Type of route: Linear

Conditions: All year. Snowless

Difficulty assessment (M.I.D.E): M: 3. I: 2. D: 2. E: 3

Length: 18 Km Slope: +500 -680

BTT: 95% cyclable

Car combination: Yes


Localización y Mapa

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