Pueblos de Piedra – Las Bellostas



The Rodellar Rock Climbing Zone offers more than 400 routes in 35 sectors of all orientations. All areas are easily accessible on foot from Rodellar. The areas are spread mainly in the ravine of the Mascún River with beautiful pools for swimming, often by foot.

The rock is limestone. Rodellar is best known for its large vaults. Most tracks are long, athletic and spectacular. There are also numerous caves and small roofs with short and explosive ascents, vertical walls with technical tracks up to 40 meters and more. There are also some block sites, especially small caves, although if you are not interested in rope climbing, there are better places to go

La plupart des voies d’escalade sont des itinéraires des septième et huitième années, allant jusqu’à 9a +, où quelques 6b et 6c sont mélangés en plus de quelques itinéraires faciles.

Best season
The best time to climb Rodellar is spring and fall, but you can also climb very well in summer and winter. In summer, the temperatures are quite high, the time is in the shaded areas. In winter, the cellars can be wet although there are also many ways not to do them

How to arrive

The climbing areas are already visible from Rodellar. It is accessed by following the indications of the ravine of the Mascún River. To climb on El Camino, we will walk on the right by a path that crosses the canyon

Fiche technique

Type de route: calcaire
Hauteur moyenne: 30 m.
Hauteur maximum: 200 m
Nº de voie: 400

Dénivelé: 10 %


Localización y Mapa

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