Ruta Pueblos de Leyenda – Rodellar



1- Rodellar
2- Mascún/El Delfín/ Andrebot
3- Losa Mora Dolmen
4- Nasarre
5- Otin
6- Costera/Cuca Bellosta
7- Surgencia del Mascun/Rodellar

1- At the entrance to Rodellar there is a small car park, which we shall use as the starting point for our route. On the other side of the village, going past the square, we come to some steps leading to the La Honguera district. Once we have passed it, we come to a path that zigzags down to the River Mascún.2- Our aim will be to go upstream, needing to cross the river on several occasions, passing passes the Surgencia (one of the springs feeding the river) underneath an opening known as El Delfín (The Dolphin).We will come to a crossroads, with a path leading off to the left, taking us to the ravine known as Barranco de Andrebot. (Marked) Warning! Do not continue along the trail upriver.
3- The path goes up sharply, there being a steep slope to climb. We will see some trails on our left, which should be ignored. After walking for some time, the path becomes gentler and shortly afterwards, we will see the Losa Mora Dolmen on the right.
4- Here a number of paths divide. We will take the one that goes off furthest over to the left towards Nasarre. The path, which is well signposted, will lead into a trail right in front of the deserted village of Nasarre.
5- In front of the church there is a path leading to Otín. When we get to Nasarre, this path will be on our right. We stay on this path until we get to Otín, ignoring the different trails along the way and staying on the main one (signposted).
6- When we reach Otín, we turn right and go down to the houses further down the slope. From here the trail leads back to Rodellar. We will continue along the flattish terrain before descending rapidly along a steep path at the edge. To the left the Ciudadela (citadel) and Cuca Bellostas rock formations will appear. When we reach the river, we will move downstream along the bank until we come to the Andrebot intersection. From here we just have to walk up to Rodellar to complete the route.
History and culture

Because of my profession, I often have to go up to Otín or Nasarre and until now, whenever I go, I am always overcome with a flood of mixed feelings, as if this were my first visit. I like to imagine what this plateau must have been like once upon a time, with people living in all its houses, the walls enclosing the pens and trails, the fields full of crops and the cattle grazing, the comings and goings of stockbreeders, farmers and traders arriving from Bara, Used, Letosa, Bagueste, San Hipólito and other villages and going down to the Somontano area to sell their produce
Nowadays there are just ruins and herds of wild goats, which were left by the last inhabitants and often welcome us by peeping through the balconies and windows of the run-down houses, where they shelter to spend the night.
If on top of this we add the names of several geological formations, Cuca Bellosta, Ciudadela, Peña los Moros crag, the Losa Mora Dolmen, the Mascún Ravine, the Andrebot Cave, the gall oak forests, the numerous legends and the prevailing silence, we soon realise that we are in a place that is as beautiful as it is mysterious and enigmatic.

According to one of the many legends about the Losa Mora Domen, beneath its stones lie the bodies of two lovers, a Moorish king and a beautiful Christian girl. The girl’s parents refused to accept their engagement, so the two lovers ran off to Nocito. When they arrived at the Dolmen, they were surprised by a Christian patrol that killed them by shooting an arrow through both of their hearts. Their bodies were then buried in the same place.
Another mysterious place is the Mascún Ravine. It is thought that the name comes from Arabic and means “place where the spirits dwell”. When the waters rose in the River Mascún, in the darkness, the thundering noise of the water crashing against the rocks was so loud that it could be heard in Otín. Some of the locals associated it with the screaming of the spirits of the dead Moors on the cliff tops. Other legends speak of the witches from all over Guara gathering here, in the darkness of the gorge, dotted with caves, to hold their rituals.

Information of interest

Route: Legendary Villages
Start-Finish: Rodellar – Rodellar
Time: All year if there is no snow
Difficulty according to the 5-point MIDE scale (system devised by the Government of Aragon to measure difficulty) M (level of risk) = 3; I (signposting) = 2; D (difficulty) = 2
Type: Circular
Mountain bike: Yes (80% can be covered by bike; Technical Difficulty (TD) = Very Difficult; Physical Difficulty (PD) = Very High)
Combination with cars: No


Information of interest


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