Sierra del Águila – Sta Eulalia de la Peña



1- Peña San Miguel

2- Salto Roldán

3- Peña San Miguel

4- Pico del Águila

5- Picuto

6- Santolarieta

7- Peña de San Miguel


1 -Passing below Santa Eulalia and at the foot of the San Miguel rock (Salto de Roldan) is the parking lot from where we will start the route.

2 – We will leave the parking lot along a well marked and conditioned path in the direction of the rock. Shortly after, the verticality of the projections will make us use our hands, with the help of a cable and staples we will soon reach the top.

3 – Backing up where we have climbed back to the parking. From there a road leaves, which is the continuation of the same one that we have followed from Santa Eulalia. We just have to continue on it until we reach a hill.

4 – Here we have to be attentive to a path that will leave our left. We will take it and we will begin the ascent to the peak of the Eagle, we can also choose the path that goes up between the road but more straight.

5 – Once at the peak, we will take the south direction. We will take the path through which we have climbed and descend to the first pass, we will ignore the one on the left by which we climbed before and the one on the right that goes below the peaks. We will begin the ascent to the first peak right in front of us.

6 – Now we have to look and follow the peak of the peak peak until we reach the last (El Piacuto) and from here we just have to follow the descending path that will take us to Santa Eulalia.

7 – At the top of the village there is a well marked path in the direction of the Peña San Miguel, we can take this path that goes over the road or return through it to the parking


Histoire et culture

Between the Flumen River and the Isuela River is this route that tries to agglutinate well-known routes, such as the Salto de Roldán and Pico del Águila, with another such as the Cresta de la Sierreta del Águila, which apart from some magnificent views will also provide us with some surprise that another. The Salto de Roldan consists of two huge conglomerate mallos, the Peña San Miguel (1,124 m) to the west and the Peña Amán (1,123m) to the east, between which flows the river Flumen encased in the so-called Palomeras. In these walls nest hundreds of vultures and on days when the thermal currents are favorable, we can observe one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature, hundreds of vultures in a circular flight, rising drawing the currents as if it were a tornado. The Peña San Miguel is climbed by a network of pegs ladders tow, although easy, people with a bit of vertigo must be prudent. At the top, in addition to magnificent views, we will find the remains of the Romanesque church of San Miguel of the twelfth century, a cistern and the remains of a defensive keep (El Castillo de Sen). The Pico del Águila is a great viewpoint. The Sierreta del Águila, between ascents and descents, ends down to Santa Eulalia de la Peña. Before arriving and according to the chosen path, we can see the cave paintings of the Raja Shelters, of schematic and Levantine art. Nearby there is a restored snow pit and a cross from 1891. In Santa Eulalia we highlight its 18th century church dedicated to San Mames and its trough with fountain


Legend has it that Roldán, knight of Charlemagne, after failing to conquer Saragusta, undertook the flight pursued by his enemies. He arrived at Peña Aman and was surrounded; At that moment, he spurred his horse and, from a great leap, crossed to the Peña de San Miguel. Of the effort the horse died and Roldan continued his escape on foot to his native France. When they reached the Ordesa Valley, they left him dying there, not without first and in a last effort, throwing his Durendal sword, as powerful as Excalibur, and opening a breach in the Pyrenees through which he could see for the last time the land of their ancestors. Since then both the Salto and the Brecha bear his name

Data sheet

Name of the route: Sierra del Águila

Location: Hoya de Huesca

Time and conditions: All year. Snowless

Difficulty assessment (M.I.D.E): M: 4. I: 3. D: 4. E: 4

Length: 20.3 Km

Slope: +1200 -1200


Car combination: No


Localización y Mapa

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