Espolón de la Virgen Via Ferrata (Rodellar-Mascún)


Among the many attractions in the village of Rodellar area of Sierra de Guara is the possibility of climbing by way of via ferrata. There is a magnificent atmosphere, outstanding scenery and fantastic views over the Mascún ravine and the Cuca Bellostas and Ciudadela crags.
At the end of the climb you find the chapel devoted to the Virgen del Castillo, which is reached by the signposted path back. This path allows people who do not want to try the via ferrata to reach the top and meet the ones who do.

Technical Information

Location: Rodellar
Access: Take the path leading to the Surgencia (spring). Some 300 metres ahead, at the Andrebot crossing, take the short path to the right to reach the base.
Start: Next to the information board is the place for organising gear and starting the climb.
Approach: 30-40 min.
Route duration: 45-60 min.
Return: 30-50 min.
Total duration: 2 h 30 min.
Length: 250 m.
Route altitude change: 120 m
Rock type: Limestone
Fittings: metal rungs and handrails
Bridges, walkways: No
Difficulty: Medium
Year fitted: 2001
Equipment needed: Via ferrata equipment
Time: All year


Technical Information
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