Pedruel Bridge Via Ferrata (Rodellar)


A very short beginners’ via ferrata that is an ideal first contact with this mountain activity. It was built during a training course for via ferrata fitters in the vicinity of the River Alcanadre and the medieval bridge at Pedruel.
The route offers wonderful views of the Pedruel Bridge and the Rodellar Valley, and the chance to enjoy a magnificent bathing area on the River Alcanadre.

Technical information

Location: Rodellar
Access: 2 km from the village of Rodellar, take the left turning in the direction of the campsite.
Start: Before crossing the bridge leading to Pedruel, take a path to the right beside the information board that takes you to the foot of the wall.
Approach: 3 min.
Route duration: 15 min.
Return: 5-10 min, via the path leading to the bridge.
Total duration: 30 min.
Length: 40 m.
Route altitude change: 30 m
Rock type: Limestone
Fittings: metal rungs and handrails
Bridges, walkways: No
Difficulty: Low
Year fitted: 2001
Equipment needed: Via ferrata equipment
Time: All year


Technical information
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