The Rodellar climbing area offers more than 400 routes in 35 sectors for all climbing styles. All the sectors are easily reached on foot from Rodellar. The sectors are mostly located in the River Mascún ravine where there are inviting pools for bathing, often at the base of the climb.
The rock here is limestone. Rodellar is particularly renowned for its large vaults and overhangs with large chutes. Most of the routes are long and taxing but spectacular. There are also many caves and small walls requiring short but energetic climbs and vertical walls with technical routes of 40 metres and more. There are also places for bouldering, especially the small caves, although if you are not interested in climbing with ropes, there are better places to go.
Most of the climbing routes are grade seven and eight, up to 9a+, where a number of 6b and 6c routes are interwoven with easy routes.
Best time of year
The best time to climb at Rodellar is in spring and autumn, but there is also good climbing to be had in summer and winter. Summer temperatures can be quite high so this is the best time to climb the shady sectors. The chutes can be wet in winter, although there are also a lot of routes that are never wet.
The climbing sectors can be seen from Rodellar. You reach them by following the signs to the River Mascún ravine. To climb in El Camino, walk to the right by a trail running above the ravine.