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Adress: Pol. Ind. Valle del Cinca, parc 48 bis, nave B1, Barbastro.
Phone:974269028 • 619241053
Email: mermeladaselasun@gmail.com
Web: www.elasun.com

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From our home base in the heart of Somontano we supply our range of jams and gelées to retailers across Spain. You’ll find our products in delis and food halls.

The Elasun team is made up of people who care just as much about quality and presentation as you do about your business. All our products are packed, labelled and dispatched by hand. The extra care we take ensures our products are of the highest quality when you receive them.

We passionately believe that traditional methods are best.

Our jams and gelées are hand-made in small batches, which helps give them that distinctive taste. It’s all about experience and knowledge. The more your make something the more you know when it’s cooked to perfection. You just can’t do that with large machines.

Elasun collaborates with occupational workshops, hiring several work related to the development of our products.

Quality certificates

ELASUN have a completely traditional products, the manufacturing process is completely handmade.

We have the document ¨Calificación Artesanal¨ of the Provincial Service of Agriculture and Food of Aragón, also with a hygienic-sanitary certificate, food handling certificate and health registration document.


We were awarded with Food of Aragon 2011 under the Qualimen fair, held in Zaragoza.

Official recognition by the Administration. Craftsman status is evidenced by the possession of handmade paper qualification, issued by the Government of Aragón.

Award “Germana de Foix” 2014, The work of local companies that have contributed to the promotion and development of the region and the city of Barbastro.

Premio Empresa Huesca 2017, in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“A real entrepreneur is someone who, in addition to embarking on a difficult but exciting journey, also feels rooted and committed to his land, where he has a vocation to create jobs and wealth; Someone who takes responsibility beyond your project, your family or person. “