194 km
25 h
353 m

Abiego is an important crossroads for visits to the Somontano de Barbastro district, particularly to the Sierra de Guara range. Here there are two entrances to the village from the N-240, from which the roads to Bierge and Adahuesca-Alquézar start. This crossing of routes has made Abiego prosperous since ancient times, from Avicum (Roman Abiego) to Al Byego (Moorish Abiego) to the Abiego of the turn of the 21st century.
This route aims to trace the ancient route that connected Abiego with Junzano, crossing the River Alcanadre over a Roman bridge. Despite the bridge still resisting the passing of time, the way is in very bad condition and you will need to push your bike for a fair number of kilometres. This makes it necessary to take the path to Fuente Famiñosa spring, where there is a place to ford the Alcanadre with affecting the beauty or interest of the route. On the way back, the second Alcanadre crossing will be in the vicinity of where this river joins the Formiga. There are no bridges at either of these points and it will be necessary to get your feet wet. Despite there being a few metres of calm shallow waters, the route is limited to summer because the water level rises and is very cold during the rest of the year.
Abiego, Junzano and Casbas are villages located on a gently rolling plain, which later gives way to the mountain ridges of Sierra de Guara. This plain is typical of the Somontano de Barbastro landscape with a mixture of grain fields, almond orchards and olive groves. Holm oaks grow along the edges, mixed with pines in the gullies. These gullies are quite abundant in the area owing to the numerous watercourses crossing the area and fording them will require a great deal of effort.
Casbas is located at the midpoint of the route, making it a good place to regain the strength you will have used up. The way here is hard, and the rest of the way is long, although not quite as difficult. Casbas is famous for its monastery. It was built along Cistercian lines, although it underwent countless remodelling and enlargements over the centuries, meaning that little is left of its original appearance. The history of the village is closely linked to that of the monastery that brought fame to the entire area. You should not miss Casbas, with its medieval layout filled with extraordinarily well-preserved examples of folk architecture.
Km 0.00. Altitude: 537 m. Abiego. Square
Take the road leading to the municipal swimming pool. When the cement path finishes, take the path to the right.
Km 0.50.
Take the main track downhill.
Km 2.22.
When you reach this point, there is a path leading to the River Alcanadre. Continue along the track you are already on.
Km 3.06. Altitude: 460 m.
Turn left. Leave the main track. Steep downhill slope. The famous Famiñosa spring lies to the right. Continue downhill until…
Km 3.74. Altitude: 402 m. River Alcanadre.
Cross with care. Continue for another 150 m on the other side of the river, the right bank, until you reach a path to the right that climbs steeply. Take it.
Km 4.35. Altitude: 480 m.
The path has been ploughed up at this point, so you will need to skirt the field for 200 m until the path reappears.
Km 5.59. Altitude: 526 m.
When you reach the top of the hill, turn right opposite a vineyard. Go down into the ravine before climbing again.
Km 6.43. Altitude: 522 m.
You reach a path that is in good condition. Take it towards the right for a few metres before turning left in order to reach…
Km 6.91. Altitude: 505 m. Junzano.
Plaza Mayor (main square). Take the old path to Casbas.
Km 7.75. Altitude: 532 m.
The path forks. Go right between crop fields.
Km 9.40. Altitude: 557 m. Casbas.
The way takes you to the square outside the church. Continue on to the square at the entrance to Casbas Monastery.
Km 9.52.
Take the path to the right after the municipal weighing station.
Km 9.74.
Turn right again. Follow the monastery enclosure.
Km 9.92.
Turn left. Path in good condition between grain fields.
Km 10.92.
The path forks. There is rubble to the right. Descent.
Km 13.61. Altitude: 430 m.
Cross the River Formiga. You will reach the River Alcanadre a little before it joins the former. Difficult uphill climb through a pine grove.
Km 13.92. Altitude: 480 m.
When the steepest stretches finish, take the path to the right.
Km 15.59.
A path begins marked out by almond trees. Continue along the path you are already on.
Km 16.29.
You reach another track. Turn left. You pass a shed and a small reservoir known as “Vedador”. Go downhill to El Tejar Ravine before climbing again.
Km 18.89. Altitude: 543 m.
Road from Abiego to Bierge. Continue on the right side.
Km 19.24. Altitude: 537 m.


19.24 km
1.5-2.5 hours
353 m.