382 km
6 h
1.480 m

This demanding route is the big trail of eastern Guara, quite similar to the infamous MTB Great Vero Loop but in the opposite direction.
It’s a beautiful but very long itinerary with no water springs in all the higher sections, which should be taken into account specially in summer time.From Alquézar the trail goes down to Villacantal bridge and there takes the rocky path that climbs up the Trucho ravine.
After passing by Vero View Point, the trail crosses the river again and ascends to the lovely village of Lecina.
Another stone walled path takes to Betorz and from there almost 15 km of gravel road wait for us, crossing the highest part of the mountains with excellent panoramic views before reaching Mesón de Sevil.
The trail ends up descending to Alquézar by the rocky Basacol path.