This route is recommended to enjoy peacefully some of the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes on Sierra de Guara’s southern slopes.
The track climbs up from Adahuesca’s “somontano” or mountain foothill to Alquézar, passing by holm oak forests, grain fields and other Mediterranean crops as olive groves and almond orchards. Between Alquézar and Radiquero there are continuous ups and downs with nice panoramic views of the foothills and the flatlands. From Radiquero on we’ll gradually lose the altitude we had previously gained, eventually reaching Alberuela and finally Adahuesca. The route runs mainly by smooth dirt roads in good condition, with some steep but short slopes.
One can extend the itinerary combining it with Treviño’s Route or San Pelegrín.

Sheperd’s hut in the way from Adahuesca to Alquézar.
Panoramic views between Alquézar and Radiquero.
Alquézar, Radiquero and Adahuesca medieval villages.
Olive and almond tree fields.


  • It’s a relatively easy route with the exception of two steep slopes between Adahuesca and Alquézar, and another short but loose ramp close to Radiquero.
  • The route has south exposure and not many shades, so it’s advisable to carry enough water and avoid cycling at midday in summer.

The route is signposted as Vuelta al Pie de la Sierra but in some crosses the sings may be damaged so it’s advisable to bring a GPS tracking device. Just before reaching Alberuela the signs head to the village (right) but they must be ignored, instead one must follow straight towards the main road following the GPS track.

Distance: 14,4 km
Total elevation gain: +255 m
Estimated time: 2 h
PSingletrack percentage: 0 %
Starting points: Adahuesca (track), Alquézar, Radiquero.
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: Low
Technical difficulty: Medium
Water sources: Radiquero, Alquézar, Adahuesca.
Recommended season: All year round.