Tozal de Sevil is the most iconic summit of Sierra de Sevil, the mountain range dividing the well-known Balced and Vero canyons.

The peak is also a vantage point , easily visible from all over the Somontano.

This trail departs from Alberuela de Laliena, but it’s also easily reachable from Radiquero following the Camino Natural del Somontano. 2,5 km of easy dirt road allow a good warm up before starting the climb by a path to Virgen de la Viña chapel, where the trail joins the Camino Natural for 1 km.

The track proceeds by a short section of gravel road before taking the steep footpath which ascends through Loma de Cotón to the mountain’s top.

Once there the trail passes through the Cerro, Mesón and Tozal de Sevil, to end up descending to Alberuela by the same slope.