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Adress: Carretera N-240 Km. 154.8 Barbastro
Phone: +34 974269708 • +34 670300718
Email: visita@bodegalaus.es
Web: www.bodegalaus.es

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Maximun number of visitors: 50

Less than a kilometre away from Barbastro, LAUS is located in the heart of Somontano and its Wine Route, facing the Carodilla and Guara mountain ranges and the Pueyo Monastery. A few kilometres away lie the Pyrenees, with its endless natural parks. All these elements combined turn this area into a place to disconnect, and reconnect with oneself whilst breathing in the fresh air of Somontano. We offer a wide range of wine tourism experiences that revolve around nature and the “slow” philosophy.

Strolling through its modern, Zen-style facilities, perfectly integrated into the environment becomes an all-round wine tourism experience during which one never loses sight of what matters most : the terroir. A dreamlike landscape surrounds the winery, with its hectares of vineyards, its Olive Garden, or the imposing Cotiella and Turbón, visible from the winery. And to complete all of this, LAUS offers a wide range of diverse wine tourism activities based on the “slow” philosophy, like LAUS & Yoga for example. An activity that combines relaxation, calm and peace with a high dose of enjoyment in the company of family or friends during a yoga session among our vineyards. Linked to this slow philosophy, the winery also offers LAUS & Mindfulness, a form of meditation oriented to the conscious, calm and gratifying tasting of a glass of wine during an experience that will take you into the world of wine with your five senses.

For those seeking new sensations, LAUS & Flowers, a special tasting to enjoy a sensory pairing that combines edible flowers and five wines. And in summer, LAUS & Wine Sessions, a DJ session during the longest summer afternoons and evenings of the year; or LAUS & Stars, a magnificent way to admire and discover the Somontano night sky guided by an expert from the Astronomical Association of Huesca.

Also, the winery offers visits from Monday to Sunday, as well as tasting workshops for children, like LAUS & Little Sommeliers. With this activity, they will discover the Somontano territory using their senses. It includes a sensory workshop where they will learn about agriculture, trades, the rural world, vineyards, grape clusters… And they will have to sharpen their senses in a tasting of sweets: aromas and flavours that will make them feel like little sommeliers.